The  JACAPPELLAA WORKSHOP is a workshop organized by The Japan A Cappella Association for the a cappella learners and instructors, to have them understand more of the a cappella in the global standards. The workshop will provide the opportunity to learn group choreography, effective arrangements, and bold beatboxing from groups that have participated in the ICCA/ ICCA award winning groups.

Jacappellaa Championship 2016


he first Championship of Collegiate A Cappella JAPAN (Jacappellaa Championship) will be held in February of 2016. Just like the ICCA in the United States, the visual performance such as choreography, formation, and the expression is just as important as the vocal performance. Therefore, the energetic performance is usually done in a rather large group of 13-18 people, making it one of the uniqueness of ICCA.

  • What is Jacappellaa Championship?
  • How is it different from existing competitions/ festivals?
  • I’ve never done any formation or choreography…
  • I don’t know how to do an arrangement for such a large group…

We want all of you to feel the fascination of this new a cappella! This workshop will provide an opportunity to answer your questions and actually experience the competition.

Demonstration by an award winning group from the U.S.
Jaccappellaa Workshop


A brief introduction of the competition for the groups that will become the pioneers.
日本アカペラ協会 アカペラの魅力を紹介
ICCA アメリカ 大会 アカペラ協会
Performance by the Guest Group
A demonstration by an award winning group from the United States.
Performance by the participants
A performance that will show us the personality of your group. We will also ask you to perform a set piece that we’ll give to you beforehand.
アカペラ 日本の大学生によるパフォーマンス
日本アカペラ協会 ジャカペラ アカペラ ビジュアル ステージング
Vocal performance coaching
We will coach you how to articulate, blend, and put effective phrases based on the competition guidelines. We will also introduce to how warmups and practice is done in the United States.
Visual performance/Choreography coaching
A lecture on how to enhance the quality of choreography and the emotional expression. We will practice using the set piece.
ジャカペラワークショップ ダンス ステージング アメリカ 
最後に 参加者で楽しむ アカペラ協会 イベント
Let’s have fun!! We are aca-families and language will not separate us. Share each other’s culture, college life, favorite music and enjoy our time together.
Date August 12, 2015
Time 1:00PM-5:00PM (Registration begins 12:30PM)
Place Meguro-ku, Tokyo
For whom Collegiate A Cappella groups
Pricing General ¥5,000/person Member ¥3,000/person
Guest Performances Grains of Time

After taking this workshop….

  • Our group discovered a new personality and our bond is stronger than ever!
  • We began to perform with the audience in mind!
  • We have a deeper understanding of the ICCA in the United States and in Japan!
  • We enjoyed the international exchange through a cappella!
  • We want to get even better!
  • I ‘m loving a cappella even more!


  • About the group
  • Workshop
  • Competition

Can we participate in a small group?

Yes. However, Jacappellaa Championship 2016 is a competition for groups of 13-18 and so we recommend you to participate with the required size for improving your overall group performance.

Are there any rules about genders?

Not at all. The workshop is for all-male groups, all-female groups, and mixed groups.

Do the participating members have to be the ones participating in the actual competition?

It does not. This workshop is for the people that are interested in the ICCA style a cappella.

What if we don’t have enough people?

Go ahead and sign up with the people you currently have. If you are wanting to add more people, email us at info@jacappellaa.or.jp no later than 5 days before the workshop. If you are having trouble gathering people, feel free to email us and we sure can give you useful advice.

Anything we need to bring?

No, but we do recommend you to bring water to hydrate yourself.

We’re not sure if our English is good enough…

This is an opportunity for you to improve your English skills! We will have translating staff to support you so don’t worry.

Can we pay in cash?

We ask to pay through bank transfer beforehand.

When is the actual competition?

The first Jacappellaa Championship 2016 is currently scheduled for late January (Regional) and late February (Finals). Please check the Jacappellaa Championship 2016 page for more information.

Are we required to be in the competition if we are participating in the workshop?

No. The goal of the workshop is to have you understand what ICCA is, improve your skills, and have international exchange. If the competition is something you are interested in, you are always welcome to participate.

Will participating in the workshop have any effect on the competition?

Absolutely not. However, we do believe that the workshop will help you understand the competition and improve your skills so that you can have your best performance at the competition.

ジャカペラワークショップ アフターパーティー
Demonstration by an award winning group from the U.S.
Jaccappellaa Workshop