Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Japan 2016

Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Japan (Jacappellaa Championship) will be the first competition in Japan that will meet the global standard, where students of different schools will collaborate, compete, learn, work with professionals and perform in a quality environment. We await groups that are willing to polish their vocal and visual performance, and to represent Japan in the international level.

New A Cappella arrives in Japan


nternational Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA), is one of the largest a cappella competition in the world where college students compete to seek the top position. The popularity of collegiate a cappella is shown in the movie Pitch Perfect, in which ICCA is themed around. Avi Kaplan, member of the famous professional a cappella group PENTATONIX, also participated in ICCA during his college years. ICCA is the competition that is receiving the most attention by the fans around the world.

In this next-generation a cappella, 12 minutes is all they have time to show their high quality vocal performance, choreography, expression, and even to the slightest movement of the eyes.

Getting feedbacks from professionals and improving skills is not the only objective, but also to bind like a family and advance toward a goal together. Interacting with diverse groups from around the country and learning together truly represents the a cappella experience, something you can’t have alone.

Jacappellaa Championship 2016

To all the a cappella lovers of Japan, the hottest a cappella competition is finally coming to Japan!! This is where all the a cappella loving students will collaborate, challenge, compete, learn, and grow together. Under the unified vision, they became “aca-friends” where they shared every emotions. After going through the rough and fun times together, they became “aca-families.” Now lets go out on an adventure full of challenges, and bring on the “aca-sensation!!”


Music representation through balance and blend, originality of quality and arrangement, rhythm precision, and interpretation of the music piece.


Emotional expression through accuracy of movement, originality of formation, professionalism, and the energy.


No limits to the amount of songs as long as it is under 12 minutes. Many groups participate with 13-18 people in order to keep the balance between the vocal and visual performance.

How it Flows

Video Submission
Due November 1st
Regional Round
Late January
Wild Card Round
Early February
Late February


  • About the competition
  • Eligibility
  • Judging and Awards

I am not familiar with how the competition works.

We will send out emails that will have all the necessary information for the Jacappellaa Championship 2016, such as schedules and the score sheets that will be used. We will also be sending out information about workshops we’ll be hosting and many other useful information. To receive more information, sign up for the newsletter at the form below!

Where will the competition take place?

As of right now, for the regional rounds, we are planning on using halls at the university located in that region. For the national championship, we are planning on using a major music hall in Tokyo. To receive more information, sign up for the newsletter at the form below.

Why do you recommend a large group? (13-18)

In a cappella, a large number of people is not necessary to create a beautiful harmony. We, however, strongly suggest a group of 13-18 people which conforms the ICCA guidelines in the United States and for the following reasons:

  • Stage formation and choreography creates an additional element for the existing a cappella.
  • With the additional visual performance, thickness to the sound and cooperation can be created with a larger group compared to having one person performing one part instead.
  • By having multiple people on one part, changes in the pronunciation within can create a more dynamic arrangement.
  • Having the same standards as the ICCA in the United States creates an opportunity for Japanese groups to compete internationally and also have groups from overseas compete in Japan.

Can I be in multiple groups from my university?

You certainly can, but you can only participate in the competition from one group.

Do I have to be a JACAPPELLA member to participate in the competition?

No, you do not have to be a member to participate but you do get great deals by becoming one, so we strongly suggest you to join.

Can I participate in the competition even though I am not a college student?

No, you must be a student of the university the group is representing.

How is the judging done?

The video review, regionals, and the finals will be reviewed by judges that are certified by the association. For the regionals and finals, 3-5 judges will be reviewing. When there are 5 judges, the total score will be calculated with the lowest and highest scores excluded. For more information, sign up for the newsletter from the form below.

What kind of awards are there?

Regionals and finals will each have the following awards:

  • 1 Champion (National champion if finals)
  • 1 Runner Up
  • 1 Honorable Mention
  • Best Soloist
  • Best Voice Percussion
  • Best Arrangement
  • Best Choreography